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Name: Ryuuhou
Canon: DRAMAtical Murder
Age: Possibly in his 30s
Info: Character wiki
Player: [personal profile] clippedwings, [plurk.com profile] Appleship

Stats for [community profile] court_rp
Rank: Pawn
Living: probably not for long
Master: no one
Silver: ?

- his eyes and smile are "fox-like"
- short, light hair
- blue kimono with a dragon on it, leather gloves, supplies on a belt
- a seahorse tattoo on his neck
- hella accessorizes using skulls they're gone as trade for heals
- a big ol' magatama
- Relevant image.

[Known Objectives]
☆ Tattooing people
☆ Tattooing unwilling people
☆ Inflicting pain
☆ Receiving pain
☆ Dying
☆ Being a dick to Koujaku

★ "Befriending" people
★ Mind-control - either doing the controlling or getting
★ Being a decent person to Koujaku (and others)
★ ??
★ ??

- Has pretty good intuition about people
- He can mind control people through special ink and his tattooing talents (somehow), but it'll be a while before he'll gain enough Silver in Court to get the materials he needs for that. I'll throw a permissions post up if that should ever come to play.

Also, yes, he's a villain in his canon, but on average he's perceived as a polite, friendly, slightly disarming man.

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